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Every mini truck we supply gets a Geiger counter exam for your safety
We are EPA approved to import used Japanese mini trucks to the US.
Best Used Tractors LLC can also ship mini trucks to countries worldwide.
Each truck gets all the needed EPA required modifications for importation.
Each truck we import also gets a lot more improved than even the EPA requires.

We ship used Japanese mini trucks to the US, Canada, and worldwide.

Importing Mini Trucks to the US Since 2004

•Importing trucks since 2004 we now have the cleanest trucks we have ever brought to the US
•Our Trucks ship with many new filters, new electrical parts, new fuel lines, catalytic converters
•We can supply new/used mini truck parts in the US and Canada for dealers who buy from us
•We supply truck accessories & wheels & tires at low cost to any of our recent wholesale buyers
•We refer individual potential mini truck buyers to our dealers to help them sell their trucks faster

Thinking Of Buying Mini Trucks In Containers From Japan ?

Some Japanese suppliers will tell you that you can order directly from them to supply you in the USA. However, you can not do that unless you are EPA approved. If caught your trucks could get destroyed or sent back to Japan at your expense, and you coul be levied very high fines by the EPA. Be warned.

We Can Also Supply Deck Vans With Trucks In Containers

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Dennis R. Schweitzer
Tel: 971-998-8479

Used Japanese Mini Trucks is based in the Eugene/Springfield part of Western Oregon.

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